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Latest innovation in
Long Line Ocean Kontiki Fishing.

Designed to cut through the conditions, the Fish Harvester powers out to reach the best fishing spots, hooking multiple catches whilst you and your family are safe on shore. 

Long line kontiki fishing is the USA's latest innovation in fishing technology. It can save you hundreds of dollars by catching tasty, healthy fish again and again!

Call us today to find out how you could trial your own remote fishing revolution.

Benefits of Fish Harvester Kontiki

  • Catch fish from the shore all year round (even in choppy conditions)
  • Save money & eat like royalty for a lifetime
  • Lightweight & portable 
  • Tow up to 25 hooks 2km offshore
  • Fast and easy in half-an-hour
  • Remote control steering
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  • Trolley.jpg

    Beach Trolley

    Specially designed for your Conrad Meier to ensure anyone can get to the right spot on the beach.

  • trace rack .jpg

    Trace Rack

    The Trace Rack will hold up to 32 of your trace lines so you can have plenty ready at any time.

  • electric winch.jpg

    Electric Winch

    Heavy duty, variable speed electric winch with monofilament nylon line has a 180lb breaking strain.

  • Hull.jpg

    Fish Harvester™ Hull

    Specially designed with wave piercing shape to get out to where the big fish are as quickly as possible.

  • strobe.jpg

    Strobe Light

    Mandatory for night fishing or overcast conditions.

  • catch and trace rack carry bag.jpg

    Catch & Trace Rack Carry Bag

    Easily carry your trace rack with this bag that is insulated for you to get your catch home fresh.

  • Flag.jpg


    Strong and flexible visibility flag – Always insert the visibility flag into the small port which is easy to attach and remove.

  • remote control.jpg

    Remote Control

    Your remote control gives you the ability to steer your Conrad Meier out through the surf and currents to the desired spot.


  • norman.jpg

    Norman Hughes

    “I like it because it has a remote control. I can steer it, stop it, start it when I'm winching it in.”

  • phyllis love.jpg

    Phyllis Love

    "We go out every weekend, catch a lot of fish, and my kids are loving it!"

  • steve thomp.jpg

    Steve Thompson

    "Every time I go out and catch something – whether it’s one or ten, I always catch something, every single time!"



Fishing with the Fish Harvester couldn't be simpler. 

1, Getting to and along the beach is easy as you’ll have the beach trolley that has been specially designed, with exact precision, so that anyone can get your Fish Harvester from A to B. 

2, Next, get all your gear out, bait up the hooks, and send it out for the desired length of time.

It will get out there quicker than you think - with a 30.8lb/14kg thrust motor and the wave piercing design of the hull.

3, Once it’s got there sit back and relax while it does all the hard work for you. We recommend leaving it out in the ocean for around half an hour. You’ll see pretty quickly dependant on how much bait you have left on if you need to leave it longer or can bring it in quicker.

4, When ready just hit the button and let the strong variable speed winch bring your fish in for you.

The monofilament nylon line has a 180lb breaking strain and the 1.77 inch/45 mm hooks are strong and steady enough to keep the biggest fish on the line. If there’s large surf we recommend slowing the winch down. The fish will stay on a lot better when coming back through the surf slowly.

Once you’ve brought the line back in it’s time to pack up, take home your catch and enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish!


Check out the helpful how to videos below for more guides. 


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Full How to Overview 

Watch this instructional video for a full explanation on:

  • What's included in the box
  • How to set up your Fish Harvester™
  • How to use your Fish Harvester™
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  • How do I use the Conrad Meier Fish Harvester™?

    Click HERE for an instructional video on how to use your Fish Harvester™!


  • What is included with the Fish Harvester™?

    1x Conrad Meier Fish Harvester

    1x Remote control

    1x  Beach trolley

    1x  Electric winch

    1x  Emergency winch handle

    1x  Main line

    1x  Trace rack

    1x  Catch and trace rack carry bag

    1x  Hooks and sinkers

    1x  Strobe light

    1x  Visibility flag

    3x 12V batteries 

    1x Battery charger

    1x Gloves

  • What are the benefits of owning a Fish Harvester™?

    • Servo and Rudder – the servo and rudder work together to steer the Conrad Meier Fish Harvester. The servo is mounted with two bolts and waterproofed with a double o ring protection system. The rudder shape is designed to minimise drag and increase steering capability. We recommend that this servo unit is re-greased at least once a year.

    • Main Line Tow Plate – the main line tow plate allows the harvester to follow a straight path out from shore. If you clip to the left and right, this will help to steer the Harvester to the left or right.

    • Hull - The hull is light and tough which allows it to travel easily through the water penetrating high waves and keeping a good line. Its excellent buoyancy also increased running time on the surface allowing high visibility and solid ratio contract.

    • Motor - A 14kg single-speed motor propels the Conrad Meier Fish Harvester through the water. It is capable of reaching a distance of 2000 metres, and can run for approximately 30 minutes on two 12V batteries (if fully charged). The control unit is able to shut down the propellor if it becomes obstructed.

    • Strong and flexible visibility flag – Always insert the visibility flag into the small port which is easy to attach and remove.

  • How long will a fully charged battery last?

    A fully charged battery will allow for TWO 30 minute runs out to sea before needing to be recharged.

  • What size are the hooks?

    The hook size is 0.5 inches diameter wire and 1.5 inches overall height.

  • What is the breaking strain of the trace line?

    The Breaking strain of the trace line is about 20lb

  • How long is the trace line?

    Approximately 23.5 inches

  • What is the size of the Trace Rack?

    30 inches height x 14 inches width

  • How much does the Fish Harvester™ weigh?

    Box 1 = 36.2 KGS (fish harvester (sub); line; rack; trolley)

    Box 2 = 29.2KGS (winch) 

  • What are the amps per hour on the 12v batteries?

    The batteries are each 12 Amp Hour at a 2 hour discharge rate. (Not Amps per hour)  These preferably should come from us as the discharge rate is high and batteries are suitably specified – not like alarm batteries.  Additionally we have custom connectors that go onto them.